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About This Project

Our software company has worked with RCD for almost 10 years and we are very pleased both with their level of service and their prices. In the past RCD has won our magazine business, our CD Packaging, our CD ROMs, and many one-off marketing projects like brochures, binders and data sheets. When we were trying to reduce our global shipping costs with FEDEX due the heavy weight of our CD’s and manuals, RCD consulted with us and came up with an idea to house our 8 CD’s, we approved it, RCD then structurally designed the package, then produced thousands of them for us and in the end our shipping costs were cut by 40% saving us thousands every quarter.

Every time our company calls RCD for a quote or with a challenge, it seems they have a solution to be competitive, move quickly and meet our deadline, and the quality is never an issue. Also they almost always are the first vendor back with a quote. We trust that RCD will keep their word and do what they say. RCD works for us, we highly recommend them.


Software Publisher


Gabe E.


Purchasing Manager