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Our software company has been ordering CD, Print and Marketing solutions from RCD for the last 7 years. We have been extremely satisfied with all the products they have delivered us. We call RCD for pretty much anything we need to outsource and they almost always win our business. RCD finds us the best, fastest, most economical solutions.

We have produced dozens of projects with RCD but here are a few that stand out:

A. When we tendered our branding and design business for a new software product we were launching, RCD won our business and designed a very innovative box that was very well received by our clients. For that launch his company produced CD ROMs, manuals, collateral, inserts, assembled final product and shipped overnight to Vegas for a Trade Show launch we were doing. Some how they got us a partial delivery in just a few days after production was approved as we were running very late with approvals and content. The box was plastic, embossed, and silk screened; how they got us 300 in 3 days I still don’t know.

B. When we were tendering our business cards for 100 of our employees, RCD was the only printer who could turn around the job fast enough and on top of that they were the best priced of the 3 printers we had quote.

C. Due to the demands of being a public company, we often need quick turnaround for our annual report and CD production. RCD manages both these products in 4 or 5 days for us and delivers to our mail house and the quality is amazing. RCD recommends to our designers colors and stocks that keep value in mind but don’t sacrifice the final feel of the product.


RCD always finds a way to make our due dates for all our projects; that is their company summarized. They are small, flexible, and seem to always give us the best solution, both price and turn time. Our mandate is too tender 3 companies for all our projects, RCD is not only most often the best priced but no vendor can pull off what they seem to do for us. We have used RCD for our annual reports, software boxes, Manuals, Signs, brochures, CD ROMs, essentially the bulk of our outsourced production. Their commitment to service, fast quotes and meeting our due dates makes my life a lot easier, I strongly recommend any company to try RCD Solutions.


Software Publisher


Suki S.


Purchasing Manager